Talavera tile is inherently a product that exhibits imperfections due to its hand-crafted nature. This may include surface pops, crazing, crackling and other nuances that make it unique in size, color and shape.

The installation of the tile purchased through Patricio Tile implies the acceptance of these irregularities.

Size and color may vary from shipment to shipment.

Any rejection of tiles must be done within 48 hours of receiving shipment via telephone contact or email.

Buyer may be required to file a claim with the shipper. If the problem lies with the shipper, buyer will be compensated by them.

Patricio Tile does not rate tiles for whatever usage.

California residents will be charged 7.75 percent sales tax.

Shipping charges will be added to the buyer for all shipments from Patricio Tile, located in Long Beach, CA.

All returns must be approved by Patricio Tile and are subject to a 25 percent restocking fee and buyer incurs cost of shipping.

No returns after 14 days of receiving shipment.

Patricio Tile recommends a five to 10 percent additional order of tiles due to possible future breakage or other tile needs because no two orders may be alike.

The customer will be charged for all shipping and handling charges of requested samples.

Some orders of tile may take up to four weeks if out of stock because of the time needed to produce and ship from central Mexico. If in stock, most orders will take approximately one week to receive.

Only a minimum order of 25 tiles is accepted through Patricio Tile.

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